Rewilding project in the Cotswolds

Rewilding at Calcot & Spa

Green shoots....

We are blessed in this part of the Cotswold's to be surrounded by an abundance of nature and wonderful open spaces - right on our own green doorstep (of over 220 acres) over a period of the last 25 years slowly nature has been given the space to "rewild" through wildflower planting and organic farming practices. More recently in 2012 the planting of over 21,930 native trees and the creation of a new woodland area brought excited news of  an increasing number of rare and endangered farmland birds spotted within our grounds as well as an abundance of butterflies, moths and wildflowers.

 January 2024 we have welcomed our newest guests....a herd of Belted Galloways as part of our ongoing partnership with National Trust, Stroud Landscape Project- affectionately known as "Belties" these cows have become a popular feature across the Cotswold landscape. Acting as natural lawnmowers they’re experts at grazing areas that other livestock find less appetising.

Meet our rewilding champion

As the nature around us has been given the space to flourish, our Groundsman Steve and the Calcot team continue their mission to enhance the project further by creating and sustaining this opportunity for a better connection of the wildlife on our doorstep and to encourage our guests to explore and enjoy our wild space.


What's The Buzz?

Our five hives of beautiful Chew Valley bees enjoy the abundance of wild flowers and hedgerow to feed on throughout the summer months on our nature trail surrounding Calcot. In September we were absolutely delighted with our second honey harvest - our wonderful bees produced the most delicious Calcot honey... pure autumn gold!

Our Wildlife

Our efforts last winter have paid off and we are delighted to announce that our beautiful Barn Owl has used our woodland nest box to rear her 3 owlets- all doing well. A short eared owl has also been spotted on our land as well which incredibly exciting. The gorgeous sound of Skylarks continued throughout the summer and our lovely Corn Buntings were regularly spotted near the orchard. This winter we are planning our tree planting and continuing to feed the birds and hedgehogs who share our grounds....

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